PriceTRACK -- Your Universal Watchlist | Utility Tool by Foolsinc.

A tool to monitor product costs. Add any link you want to your personal watchlist and get notifications of changes.

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PriceTRACK has been designed exclusively for iOS.


PriceTRACK was designed with you in mind while performing as part of the greater online (product) eco-system.

Free With Options

PriceTRACK is free and you can enhance it by purchasing add-ons.

Historical Data

Your previous price fetches are presented on a graph so you can visualise trends.

Digitally Eco Friendly

Page-loads are initated as users: from the stores perspective it's as if a mobile webbrowser loaded the price.

Optimised For Gamers

PriceTRACK is equipped to take advantage of specific functions for some websites (e.g. the Steam Marketplace).

Image Reference

Each product-slot displays an image on the main screen, which you choose, to remind you what you're tracking.

Monitor Multiple Products

Refreshing, checks all your products similtaneously saving you from navigating to all the URL's directly.

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